I was terrible at writing


I’ve been looking back at some of my old writing on my old blog and some of the posts from the beginning of BFSK, and I gotta say that I really didn’t know what I was doing. Of course I’m only a year or two older than I was then, but seriously: It was really bad. On my old blog, BBFG, I either paraphrased what other seriously avid birders had already said, or I was talking about my pet birds and complaining that there weren’t any birds at my feeder.

And then I read the first post on BFSK and I was pretty much cringing at how weird the writing was: “You simply cannot run around shooting pictures willy-nilly wherever you go. That is being wasteful of film or storage space.”


I think I was trying to sound all posh and proper, but I really wasn’t at all. Seriously, “You simply cannot” and “willy-nilly” sound really stupid to me now. Of course, that was back when I actually edited blog posts. Now I just make sure it makes sense (albeit not very thoroughly) and type it up.  Editing really thoroughly like that was kind of boring and I definitely didn’t like it. This way is much more enjoyable.

Blogging is fun, and I wish more people did it. I just hope that they don’t try to strangle themselves writing with a certain style. Seriously – find a way that works for you and don’t kill yourself trying to keep up a schedule or a certain style. It’s a lot harder that way.


Flying is scary.

I am terrified of heights. So being up in a tiny, doorless airplane fifteen hundred feet above sea level is a little dizzying. Especially with a camera loosely strapped around your neck and there are crosswinds everywhere. But hey, I enjoyed it!

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One of the people at the flight day had a camcorder and uploaded videos to YouTube – you can watch them here.