I won

Second place, baby!

I’ve never won a contest before. Finally after three years of practice, I won. This is exciting.

Yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon, I got the email saying I won second place:

Dear Guy,

Congratulations!  Your photo, “Bullfrog Sitting in the Water, Peering Eerily at Passersby” was selected as the Second Place Winner in our Splendor of Spring photo contest!

I was really disappointed for a week because the website said that the winners would be chosen by June 30. It had been a week, and I’d gotten no email. Then, when I wasn’t expecting to get one, and email showed up in my inbox. I read the subject and I was stunned. So I get to go pick up my prize now.

Goodness, I won.



The winning photo.



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A variety of sedum.

I hope they don’t die.

They’re my first houseplants, so I’m a little nervous that they’ll suddenly go belly-up after I forget to water them for a month during school. Typical of me.

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Left to right: Tomato, Jeremy (thanks to my fellow blogger Rubix) and Jeff.

I have four species of plants now – Mint, some type of sedum, aloe vera and burro’s tail. The mint is pretty hardy and will probably take over the mason jar that it’s sharing with the sedum. I have four burro’s tail; one sharing a pot with the aloe, and three potted separately.

I’m hoping to keep the little guys alive as long as I can and maybe even propagate them and sell them. The problem is, I like to touch the burro’s tail, and the jelly bean leaves fall off really easily.

Seriously; if these die, I’m gonna go nuts. Let’s hope I don’t have to.