When you discover new things…

…You get excited.

But when I find things, I’ll obsess over them for a week or two, and sometimes they’ll stick with me – like photography or guitar. And in the past week, I found a few new cool things I thought I should share.

a3491562666_16First one – Panthurr. Panthurr is a music artist. He makes chill beats with old 50’s voice samples. His music is crazy simple while at the same time being super catchy. My favorite song of his is called “woof.” which features a sample from Charlie Brown. The thing I find disappointing is how short the songs are. But I think they’re more focused towards YouTubers, because the songs are easily looped and go great as background music. It’s still great listening when you’re coloring or cleaning your room. 10/10, Panthurr.

48@2x (1)Secondly – VSCO. This is a photography app. With VSCO, you can take pictures, edit them, publish them so that anyone can see them, make albums and browse photos. My 2012 iPod 5th gen runs the app beautifully after the newest app update – before the update, it crashed persistently. It runs smoothly and sans-hiccups. I recently started publishing my photos on VSCO, so go ahead and take a look! I really like how they’re turning out.

IMG_5346And lastly – Vintage things. At first I didn’t know why they were so popular, but the more I collected them, the more I found that they were such interesting little time capsules that I wanted to find more of them. I have a Polaroid Swinger Model 20 Land Camera from the late 1960’s, and I’m hoping to acquire a record player soon. I took some pictures of the Polaroid on VSCO, and you can check it out here.

I’ll probably write more posts like this in the future, when I inevitably find more interesting things for you to learn about. Thanks for reading!


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