A photo session with the robins

Yesterday, a flock of about twenty-five American robins flew into our neighbor’s yard and started eating the berries on their tree. A few of them were huddled away in nearby trees, where I got some good shots (in all modesty) of them.


Spring is coming… probably

Ever get that feeling that winter is never going to end? That the snow will never melt? I am sitting in my living room, looking outside at the gray clouds, the dirty snow, the utter inactivity, and I have the same feeling. It’s almost agonizing.

As a birder (look it up, it’s a real term), photographer, and all-around outdoor enthusiast, I cannot stand the couple weeks before spring. Spring means birds singing again, no more perpetually cold weather without snow, blue skies. Spring is warm, relaxing, bright. But the last few weeks of winter are just this dreary, gloomy cold snap with no sun, no animals, no noise. No matter how still it gets out there, I just sit there, waiting for something to happen.

I feel the heat blowing on my feet right now and I just think, I wish my feet could be this warm outside. But that’s not how winter works. It’s February now, and that means it will go up a couple degrees. We might even get a partly cloudy day. But nothing can replace the wind rushing in my face as I go speeding down a hill on my longboard. Nothing can replace staying outside for hours during break and running around, chasing after birds. Nothing can replace that but spring itself. So I will now proceed to write down a bushel of haiku.